Into the Spider-verse

Spider-man Into the Spider-verse After finally watching the film all I can say is wow! Now I won’t be writing this from a comic book side opinion but a film side as there was so much I could say ! So let’s jump into it Story So like other spider-man films, it pretty much follows […]

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Food Wars

Ah food wars, the show that gets you fired up to cook your meal. Normally a daunting task but with the idea going through your mind that you are the main protagonist you begin acting like you know what you’re doing and like him you believe this dish will be amazing. But unlike the protagonist […]

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One Punch Man Season 2 Confirmed

After being patient for nearly four years, the second season to one the the best anime series that came out during 2015 has been announced and will be released on April 9 2019 exclusively released on the best streaming service around. Hulu. This is one of the best news I’ve heard in a long time. […]

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Umbrella Academy (Spoilers)

You would have probably heard someone talk about this by now. It is one of the Netflix shows that a friend would recommend and after watching the trailer you’re not sure at all. But let me say this, you have to watch it, I think the bet way to describe it is it’s a low […]

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Pokemon Generation 8 Announcement

With the Pokemon Anniversary coming and going just a couple of days ago on February 27th. The highly anticipated Pokemon games for the Nintendo Switch were revealed along with a sneak peak gameplay to go along with it. I personally skipped getting the Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee/Pikachu since I wanted to explore a new region […]

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Jumping on the hype train!

Finally, it’s the first blog! No pressure at all thanks, Fritz! Apex Legends has become one game I have started playing more than I should, I have been losing so much sleep. I never thought there would be a game that would take me away from my true love, Dota 2 but I guess shit […]

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